SAM - The Family Enterprise

The company was founded by Heinz Mack, a practising dentist in Munich, Germany. Continuing education courses w ere given all over Europe on the subject of occlusion and TMJ. The teachings demonstrated that there was a need for a new articulator system.
Heinz Mack and his developmental team decided to make a new articulator, they decided to use the Munich Dental School as a testing site and therefore called it School Articulator Munich (SAM).
It was an immediate success and the instrument became the articulator of choice for the dental schools, practising dentists, and for the courses on occlusion and TMJ.

As the demand for continuing education expanded additional SAM products were developed such as the AXIOGRAPH which one of the first instrument systems to be able measure the amount of Bennett Side Shift in patients.

The SAM company is always on the cutting edge of dentistry and develops new products on an ongoing basis.

All SAM products are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany.

To determine and meet this ongoing need SAM has founded the CDE (Center of Dental Education) in Gauting, a suburb of Munich. Experts in all areas of dentistry provide state of the art education in this center and also special end-user training.

SAM Präzisionstechnik GmbH  -  Fussbergstr. 1  -  D-82131 Gauting bei München  -  phone: +49 (89) 800 654-0
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