Product Information
SAM 2P Articulator - The standard instrument in
dentistry for over 25 years  >PDF 185 kb
SAM 2 PX Articulator - The all-round instrument with a wide variety of options and accessories
>PDF 186 kb
SAM 3 Articulator - The unique and high
precision instrument that leaves nothing
to be desired  >PDF 168 kb
SAM Cast Mounting Plates - SAM articulators
are supplied either with srew or magnetic
type mounting plates  >PDF 423 kb
SAM Axiosplit - Zero based reference system
with magnetic mounting plates  >PDF 775 kb
Axioquick Anatomic Transferbow - The typical SAM light and easy to use anatomic type of
facebow  >PDF 172kb
SAM Axioquick Recorder - The ultrasonic mandibular movement recording system
that obtains, stores and analizes all functional
3D mandibular movements  >PDF 1219 kb
SAM Model and pin system - The original SAM Split Cast System with AXIOPIN, AXIODRILL
and AXIOSAW system  >PDF 155 kb
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