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You would like to attend courses at the CDE Center of Dental Education. Visit the CDE website for detailed information.

CDE Website


Axiocomp Version 3 is Ready! The Digital Artikulator from SAM is available for Download



  Axiocomp Digitaler Artikulator

Free and easy you can our new Education Software  
    AXIOCOMP von SAM Dental  

Download now.

With the AXIOCOMP® digital articulator ® you work in the same way as with the real articulator in the dental practice or in the laboratory.
All functions and settings can be set on the device and can be easily understood on the model..

For questions please contact us at any time!



For Download visit:




NEO - the "New" Artikulator from SAM


The well known SAM Präzision in a inexpensive Midsize Artikulator

  SAM Dental, SAM NEO

The robust Midsize Artikulator for Practice, Laboratory and Education.
in the proven Arcon Design
is a high quality CNC crafted Aluminium device.

Because of its construction and non slip rubber feet,
has a fixed stand,
and garanted an opened
Internal View to the models

  For more Information, please visit our Download Website.





Monthly SAM - User training at our own Education Center CDE or Worldwide




CDE - Center of Dental Education

  The next user Training will be started at

  Datum: 30.11.2018    
  Zeit: 9.00 - 12.00 Uhr
  Ort: Gauting
  Sprache: German
  Lecturer: ZT Dorothee Kleespies
  Themenbereiche: Artikulator, Modellmontage, Facebow, Systemübersicht

Please Register via the Website of the CDE or with the Registration Form: PDF Download

  In the in-house institute "Center of Dental Education" CDE our experts will provide you and your employees with first-hand information about the SAM system. Theoretical basics and practical exercises are part of our teaching concept. Of course, we take into account the different levels of knowledge of the participants.  
  For more Info please Visit our CDE-Website >>>  


Video: Manufacturing of a semi-permanent rail Production of a semi-permanent rail




AXIOSPLINT, SAM Präzisionstechnik


For our transparent dome AXIOSPLINT GS (ART 591) after Gutowski-Stegmaier now stands an approx. eight-minute Video available. Shown by

ZTM Joachim Stegmaier

the manufacture of a semi-permanent rail
in the AXIOSPLINT. For further information or questions
to this product or rail production courses
just contact us!

  Download Video  


Oskar Bock Medal awarded to Heinz Mack


Heinz Mack, Founder of SAM Dental Artikulator


In a ceremony held on the occasion of the 50th Annual Meeting of the DGFDT
took place in Bad Homburg, was

Mr. Heinz Mack,

Dentist and founder of SAM Präzisionstechnik, awarded the highest DGFDT award, the Oskar Bock Medal.

Society is thus honouring him for his great services to functional science.